The Expressions of Faith Fund

By purchasing reprints of Kari’s artwork, you are helping people with disabilities find their voices!

The sole mission of the Expressions of Faith Fund is to encourage people with disabilites to use cultural arts as a means of expressing themselves.

Proceeds from your purchase go directly to The Expressions of Faith Fund.  In turn, the fund makes grants to organizations that provide art therapy, music therapy, speech therapy, and other cultural arts services for people with disabilities.

Examples of these organizations include Courage Center, Rise, Inc., Fraser, Artshop Therapy, ACR Homes, Interact Center for the Performing & Visual Arts, Joni & friends, and  VSA MN (Very Special Arts Minnesota).

How it works

All of the proceeds from the sale of Kari’s artwork are deposited into The Expressions of Faith Fund at Wells Fargo Bank N.A. (Minneapolis, MN).

Neither Kari nor her family or associates receive any money or benefit from your order.

Nearly all of your purchase price goes to The Expressions of Faith Fund – the only expenses deducted are for printing and shipping your order.

Currently, your purchase of Kari’s artwork is not considered a tax-deductible contribution.

At least once per year, The Expressions of Faith Fund will make a charitable donation to one or more organizations that provide cultural arts programs for people with disabilities. A panel selected by Kari makes the funding decisions and then reports back to you on this website.